Name: Donovan

Breed: Shepherd Mix

DOB: Oct 17, 2018 (guess)

Approximate Weight:  93lbs

Interaction with Dogs: likes dogs

Interaction with cats: unknown

Child Requirements: over the age of 14 (just because of size)

Physical Fence Required: yes

Suitable for an invisible Fence: No

Location: Delaware

Donovan came to us from Georgia, where he was the shelter favorite. If you give him a chance to warm up to you, he will be your best friend. We don’t know much of Donovan’s history. Since being at the rescue, he has learned that doggie’s potty outside and has learned the word crate. He walks well on a leash, and Donovan knows “leave it” and “sit”. We are now working on “come” and “stay” I am sure he will be able to learn lots more, he seems to be a very smart boy. Donovan gets along with other dogs, his best buddy here is Dolly, they play all day. So, in case you are looking for 2 dogs, they make a great pair!

Donovan is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his vaccines.

If you are interested in Donovan, please fill out our application which can be found on our web site Once we get your application, we will call you to set up a meet n greet.

You can also see more pictures on our Facebook page,

Link to his Video…