Name: Fern & Millie
Breed: American Fox Hound Mix & Catahoula Mix
Date of Birth: Sept 15, 2018 (Guess) & July 4, 2016 (Guess)
Approximate Weight: 50 lbs. & 45 lbs.
Location: Delaware









Fern and Millie are looking for their forever homes, together. They did not come to rescue together but they met here, and they love each other and do everything together. Fern came to us first, pregnant, with mange, full of hookworms and emaciated. After she had her puppies, we got her healthy, though she is still missing hair, but that can take up to a year to grow in. Millie was a semi-feral dog that was roaming a property that she lived on her whole life, the owner died (he is the one that fed her) and the house was sold. Millie was caught and brought to our rescue. She immediately loved Fern and they have been playing ever since. Millie is a fearful dog, though she has come a LONG way. She looks to Fern to see if she should trust a certain person. Though they would rather hang out at home, they both ride well in a car. And do ok on leashes. They are both house trained. They are good girls and just need a quiet home that will have some patience with them to get the hang of things.
They will both need to have their own crates (though when open you will find them laying in one crate together at times) They will also need a large fenced in yard. Fern and Millie love to run, especially Fern. I have never seen 2 dogs loving to chase each other more.
Fern and Millie are spayed, up to date on vaccines and micro-chipped
If you are interested in Fern and Millie, please read our adoption requirements and fill out our application which can be found on our web site Once we get your application, we will call you to set up a meet n greet.
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